Horseshoe Ground Rice 10kg

Horseshoe Ground Rice is milled only from the finest broken long grain rice. The ground rice has been specifically sieved to achieve coarse granules and a free-flowing product with a slight texture. This rice is free from gluten, odour and taste. It has multiple applications in numerous sectors:
-    Fish and Chips- used to coat fish to absorb moisture and act as an adhesive for batter
-    Bakery- ingredient and coating for biscuits, cakes and sweets 
-    Papadums
-    African dish accompaniment


Horseshoe Rice Cones 10kg & 25kg

S&B Herba Foods have been supplying the fish and chip trade for over 50 years.

Horseshoe Rice Cones are made by milling rice into a coarse flour.  Rice cones are naturally gluten free and neutral in odour and taste.

A light application onto wet fish help absorb excess moisture and create a bond for improved batter adhesion.

Friers also say they use less batter when using Rice Cones.

Being naturally gluten free means that fish and chip shops are able to offer gluten free choices for coeliac sufferers and those customers choosing not to have gluten in their diets.


Horseshoe Whole Green Peas 10kg


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Horseshoe Fragrant Rice 10kg

A fresh, distinctive and aromatic rice with a delicate, soft, sticky texture. The premium and unique quality has made it popular with the most discerning customers from a range of ethnic communities.


Horseshoe Marrowfat Peas 10kg

Horseshoe Marrowfat peas are green mature peas that have been allowed to dry naturally. We carefully select only the best peas every year from a handful of UK growers. They are used to make mushy peas and also snacks, such as wasabi peas.


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