Being part of the Ebro Foods Group enables us to source, supply and advise on the provision of a wide variety of quality ingredients. 

S&B Herba Foods, with our worldwide sister companies and partners, have a wide range of specialist flours, including rice flour and starch, stabilised rice bran and specialist bakery flour, pulse and grain flours, pea and faba bean fractions, (Protein/Starch/Fibre) and Corn Flour and Grits. 

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Rice Flour & Starch

Flour - Rice Flour & Starch

Our creamy rice flours are perfect for breakfast cereals and crisped rice treats.

Bakery Flour

Flour - Bakery Flour

Using our bakery flour is standard practice when it comes to cakes, biscuits and many more homemade goods.

Maize Flour, Grits & Polenta

Flour - Maize Flour, Grits & Polenta

These delicious wheat replacements can be used in a number of Central American dishes.

Pea Fractions

Flour - Pea Fractions

Pea fractions are high in nutrition and fibre, as well as being environmentally sustainable.

Other Pulse & Grain Flours

Flour - Other Pulse & Grain Flours

These allergen-free pulses and grains are often used as substitutions for health reasons.