It is said that the grass species ‘Oryza Sativa’ (rice) has more than 40,000 varieties in existence cultivated around the world.
However, the exact number is uncertain. 

In the International Rice Gene Bank, over 130,000 samples of rice and wild rice are stored by researchers to ensure the long-term preservation of rice biodiversity as part of a global strategy. Traditional varieties could be lost through genetic erosion as farmers adopt new commercial varieties and cease growing those that have been nurtured for generations. 

Rice - Long Grain Rice

Long Grain Rice

Long Grain Rice is a slim grain that is four to five times as long as it is wide and is a variety grown throughout the world.

  • Long Grain White Rice- milled to remove the husk and bran layers, the grains separate to give a fluffy effect. 
  • Brown Long Grain Rice (Healthy)- undergoes minimal milling, removing the husk not the bran to retain more vitamins, minerals and fibre content. 
  • Parboiled (often called pre-fluffed) Long Grain White Rice- steamed under pressure before milling, the raw rice has a golden colour but turns white upon cooking. 
  • Parboiled Brown Long Grain Rice (Healthy)- steamed under pressure before milling, the husk is removed but not the bran in order to retain more vitamins, minerals and fibre content. 
Rice - Round Grain/Pudding Rice

Round Grain/Pudding Rice

Round Grain Rice, also known as pudding or milk rice, has rice kernels averaging about five millimetres in length and is much rounder than long grain varieties. 

The grains are starchy, causing them to soften and stick together more than most long grain rice. It is used in rice-based puddings as well as some breakfast cereals once expanded and dried. 

Rice - Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is renowned for its slender grains, delicate aroma, fluffy texture and delicious flavour; it is predominantly used in Indian dishes.

Grown in specific areas in India and Pakistan and with particular varietal definitions, the delicacy of the grain is nurtured from seeding and the right conditions are needed to ensure it matures and flourishes properly.

  • Basmati White Rice
  • Basmati Health Rice
  • Parboiled Basmati White Rice
  • Parboiled Basmati Health Rice
Rice - Fragrant/Jasmine Rice

Fragrant/Jasmine Rice

Fragrant Rice is a long, slender, aromatic rice that has a soft and sticky texture when cooked.

It is mainly used in Thai cuisine, but can be used in other South East Asian foods. 

  • Thai Fragrant Rice 
  • Cambodian Fragrant Rice 
Rice - Sushi Rice

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice has a higher starch release and can come in both short and medium grain varieties. The best quality sushi rice is identified by smooth, even kernels with each grain having a distinct mouthfeel.

We can offer different varieties of sushi rice from Italy, Australia and the USA. 

  • Italian Selenio Rice
  • Calrose US Rice 
  • Australian Sushi Rice (Koshihikari, Calrose & Opus)
Rice - Wild Rice

Wild Rice

Wild rice, although rice by name, is actually a species of grass grown in shallow water; most often small lakes and slow flowing streams

Our wild rice is sourced from Minnesota, USA, and is a product high in protein. It is much harder and denser than regular rice, meaning that it must be cooked longer to become soft enough to eat. 

  • Highly scarified wild rice- the rice is highly scarified in order to reduce cooking time
  • Grade A and B wild rice
Rice - Broken Varieties

Broken Varieties

During the milling process, broken rice is separated from whole rice grains whose shape remains intact. 

Broken rice has many uses, including the production of breakfast cereals, pet food, beers and can also be ground into rice flour. We have a range of broken rice specifications to suit the end product and manufacturing process.

Rice - Risotto Varieties

Risotto Varieties

Risotto rice is a medium grain rice that has a high starch level, of which is released during the cooking process.

The rice is cooked in a broth as the high starch grains have the ability to absorb liquids; this along with the starch release gives risotto its creamy texture. 

  • Risotto Rice
  • Parboiled Risotto Rice
  •  Arborio Rice 
  • Carnaroli Rice
  • Others upon request 
Rice - Flaked Rice

Flaked Rice

The rice grains are flattened, rolled and then dried to give them their flaked form.

They are used in a similar way to porridge oats to produce rice porridge, flapjacks and biscuits.

Rice - Red Rice

Red Rice

This is a variety of red rice imported from the Far East for its excellent nutritional profile; it is an un-milled, long grain rice with a brownish, red colour.

It has a nutty taste and a sticky, chewy texture; it also maintains its colour when cooked and can cleverly colour other white rice if mixed together. We can also offer a three-rice mix of brown, red and wild rice. 

Rice - Organic Rice

Organic Rice

As awareness is increasing on a global scale, food processors are looking for manufacturers with a shared focus on natural, organic and clean labels.

Rice is an easily digestible ingredient, making it a favourite in all sorts of diets. Rice is a popular ingredient amongst many industries. 
Our rice products are hypoallergenic, gluten free and completely natural.